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Parlin was sworn to be an attorney/lawyer back in May 1995, at Pengadilan TInggi (High Court) Jawa Barat . He was graduated from University of Darma Agung, Medan, in 1993,

Ever since having his attorney/lawyer license, he was attending court providing lawyer services for companies and individuals, mostly in Jawa Barat and DKI Jakarta with his own firm, PARLIN PARHUSIP & Partners, 1996


In May 2011, Parlin was a Co Founder of PARLIN TIMBUL & ASSOCIATES together with Arief Parhusip.

He is currently in charge for Commercial Dispute Resolution and the Manpower and Industrial Relations practice cases. In addition to that, his areas of specialization also encompass: Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Corporate Crime Litigation; Bankruptcy, Suspension of Payment & Intellectual Property Court; Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU); Labor; Industrial Relation Dispute; and Administrative Litigation.

He is a legal consultant and negotiator  in relation to among others: (i) land acquisitions and relinquishments, (ii) titling and strata title, (iii) BOT and other real property structured transactions, (iv) restructuring of real property complex, and (v) industrial estate-related transactions.

He had experienced in dealing with complex debt restructuring transaction and drafting Restructuring Agreement as well as Security Documents, such as follows: (i) Corporate Guarantee; (ii) Personal Guarantee; (iii) Fiduciary Agreement; (iv) Deed of Acknowledgement of Indebtedness; and (v) Deed of Mortgage. 

He had a practical experience in handling employment issues and contracts, such as: (i) Company Regulation; (ii) termination and/or dismissal of employee(s); (iii) social security right of the employee - Jamsostek (BPJS) issues; and (iv) legal proceeding in connection with an employment/industrial dispute.

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