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Louis is graduated from University of Tarumanegara, Faculty of Law

He is registered as PERADI member. He is also licensed Solicitor & Receiver (Kurator & Pengurus) and also licensed Mediator.​

He is currently in charge for Commercial Dispute Resolution, Manpower and Industrial Relations DIspute, Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Corporate Crime Litigation; Bankruptcy, Suspension of Payment & Intellectual Property Court; Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU); 

He is a legal consultant and negotiator  in relation to among others: (i) land acquisitions and relinquishments, (ii) titling and strata title, (iii) BOT and other real property structured transactions, (iv) restructuring of real property complex, and (v) industrial estate-related transactions.

He had experienced in dealing with complex debt restructuring transaction and drafting Restructuring Agreement as well as Security Documents, such as follows: (i) Corporate Guarantee; (ii) Personal Guarantee; (iii) Fiduciary Agreement; (iv) Deed of Acknowledgement of Indebtedness; and (v) Deed of Mortgage. 

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