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Arief is the co-founder of the law firm back in April 2011, together with Parlin which is his uncle. He is a certified Mediator from Pusat Mediasi Nasional. Currently (2022) he is a candidate of Master of Law in Pasca Sarjana program, Faculty of Law, University of Jayabaya.


Upon MBA program (full scholarship) in 2007 at IPMI Business School, Business Law subject made him interested in corporate law. Arief background is an Accountant, very strong in accounting system knowledge and analyzing financial statement. He was a professional Industrial Corporate Sales for chemicals (synthetic resin, Japanese company) and packaging industry (Indofood subsidiary), both are covering/serving multi industries customers. At the same time, he did his business investigation work and lead the Non Litigation team since 2011.

He is leaving his comfort zone at Indofood group due to a call of serving people who need legal assistance but does not have money to pay legal service. He brings many probono project into the law firm.

He is Partner in charge for leading investigation and out of court settlement for all cases. He has been working with ex police investigator since 2009 and also having chance to met and learn from former FBI agent working in Jakarta, back in 2010. He led law firm team to do investigation in East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, Sumatera Utara, Bali, Lombok, Kupang, Rote, Semarang, Jogjakarta, and many other cities in Indonesia. He is doing investigation work for reputable risk management firm such as KROLL (Singapore office) since 2009, Kasalana (London) since 2018, and others. He has been involved with investigation cases such as oil and gas (PSC operator), coal mining, aluminum/bauxite mining, hydro power, hospitality (hotel & resort), insurance, multi finance, banking, toll road, telco tower, flour/tepung, and digital payment companies.


Arief is an activist since 1994 when he was chosen as PASKIBRAKA team, and then continue his social work journey focusing in developing young people  with Purna Paskibraka Indonesia, a well respected youth organization in the country. He is also now trusted as Ketua Bidang Pertanahan & Agraria of Dewan Pengurus Pusat KNPI (Komite Nasional Pemuda Indonesia) for period of 2018-2021. Both organization connecting him to all province in Indonesia and thus helping him to help clients in meeting the right people for join operation, due diligence, investment activities, or even conflict resolution.

Arief is also an entrepreneur, doing a small real estate projects, job hunter company, and Director of  Business Intelligence company.

His philosophy of work is "be the key to open any deadlock and the bridge to connect parties for a better result".